We secure your assets

by hacking them

Cyrex Security

We are a team of certified ethical hackers graduated as computer and cyber crime professionals specialized in hacking and securing your assets.

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We are digital natives
Graduated as certified ethical hackers
Pair hacking for quality assurance

What we Hack

Web Applications
Cyrex initially started performing penetration tests on web apps. We breathe web application security.
Mobile Applications
With our research and hands-on experience, we can hack any mobile application.
Client Applications
Reverse engineering is the ultimate hacking. We crack, modify and hack client applications.
Through the years we've hacked quite the amount of network architectures. Our beloved customers gave us the opportunities to perfect the skill of network hacking. In the end, the approach of hacking networks is very similar to applications, which is in our favour.

How we Rock

1. Scope

By determining the extent of the scope and the type of security audit, we agree on time and price with you.

2. Reconnaissance

We get to know the target scope by examining the system its architecture, programming language and functionalities.

3. Scanning

In order to find obvious issues concerning security we use a set of tools which help us during the process of penetration testing.

4. Target Penetration

In-depth and fully manual penetration of the system based on our reconnaissance and previous findings. This process takes up to 80% of the entire security test.

5. Reporting

Through reporting we list all the found vulnerabilities, their best practice solutions and a risk analysis to prioritize patch management.

What others Think

Mathieu and Tim are fitted for the job. Efficiency, thoroughness and ability to quickly understand the scope of the security exercise are their assets. An optimal collaboration.

Jean Debauche
Jean Debauche
Operations Manager @CodaBox

The security audits are always splendid. With the extensive reporting and risk assessment our developers can effectively patch vulnerabilities.

Michael Paul
Michael Paul
Head of QA @Gameforge

Mathieu and Tim have proven themselves multiple times in the security field. They are the perfect team to review the security level of your infrastructure. They know what they are doing, hence the excellent results.

Kurt Callewaert
Kurt Callewaert
Director Cyber Security @Vandelanotte Security & Privacy

Tim and Mathieu are security natives, they quickly adapt to your security needs. You don’t need to go for the big 4 or look for the lonely security expert. Cyrex is right in the middle.

Stefan Van Gansbeke
Stefan Van Gansbeke
Chief Information Security Officer @ CM
  • Baron Ruzettelaan 1, 8310 Brugge
  • +32 471 04 64 02
  • contact@cyrexsecurity.com

We are a team of certified ethical hackers graduated as computer and cyber crime professionals specialized in hacking and securing your infrastructure.

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