Web Application Hacking

When it comes to web application hacking we have a very specific and structured workflow, dependant on the system’s programming language and framework. In general web apps are publicly accessible, which increases the exposure to hackers. Cyrex initially started performing penetration tests on web applications, we’ve been hacking web-based platforms for years and the amount of different vulnerabilities we have determined is significant.

Mobile Hacking

We love hacking iOS and Android applications. With our investments in research and hands-on experience, we have developed a unique skillset consisting of many different techniques regarding mobile application hacking. We test both API-based and standalone mobile applications for security flaws.

Client Application Hacking

Reverse engineering is the ultimate hacking. We can crack, modify and hack client applications. Meaning we decompile the application its source code to a state where the client’s code is readable. In this way we can modify the application, by rewriting code and using the correct protocols in order to send requests and fetch responses of the target’s server. The aim of this modification is to bypass security controls that were put in place and the ability to determine vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing Formulas

  • Blackbox
  • Most realistic
  • Hacker perspective
  • No intelligence
  • Minimal permissions
  • Greybox
  • Most popular
  • Partial documentation
  • Fast reconnaisance
  • All permissions
  • Whitebox
  • Most complete
  • Full documentation
  • Full source code review
  • Highest quality assurance
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  • +32 492 51 34 24
  • contact@cyrexsecurity.com

We are a team of certified ethical hackers graduated as computer and cyber crime professionals specialized in hacking and securing your infrastructure.

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