Cyber Security Awareness

Security awareness

Cyrex collaborated with AXA Cyber Insurance to create a video with the objective to sensitize SME’s concerning cyber security. With this video we want to demonstrate how easy it actually is to compromise/hack SME’s their digital assets, so easy that we could consider it child’s play.

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Certified Ethical Hacker


Cyrex takes certifications serious, even though there’s a lot of discussions about certifications, we do see it as an added value, not only for us, but also for our customers. On June 22th 2016, Cyrex participated with the CEHv9 exam and we can happily say  (Tim De Wachter and Mathieu Huysman) passed this exam.

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Cyber Security Challenge Belgium – 2016

Cyrex loves participating in hacking related events, that’s exactly why we signed up for the Cyber Security Challenge Belgium. This CTF is a very prestigious challenge and has a lot of great sponsors. When reaching the top 3, incredible prizes can be obtained, such as certification courses, money prizes, membership for ISACA and so on… We managed to reach the third place which we was quite nice.

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We are a team of certified ethical hackers graduated as computer and cyber crime professionals specialized in hacking and securing your infrastructure.

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